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Carol Swift / Swift Steps Forward





"I want you to live life intentionally, with purpose and with hope."

Do you find yourself “stuck”? Endlessly working for change, but not finding relief or peace? Have you dealt with transitions in life, career, or relationships?

Through personal life experience, I’ve come to learn that pain of all sorts surround us. We all have a need to voice our pain, to be heard and to have trusted support as we navigate solutions. I would love to partner with you, to redefine your vision and encourage you on your journey to find your true self – through deep discovery of your life calling and fulfilling your God-given purpose.

Swift Steps Forward into your authentic self.

Carol Swift - Swift Steps Forward
Carol Swift - Swift Steps Forward

Together we will:

• Become unstuck from past patterns
• Hear what your heart is telling you
• Create attainable action plans
• Enjoy the qualities God created you with
• Match up your vision, values and beliefs
• Enjoy getting to know your true self
• Learn to love and know yourself

Carol Swift - Swift Steps Forward

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