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For anyone new here, I’m Carol – a Christian coach for people dealing with transition. I help clients get unstuck and move forward into their true selves.

I’ve had a passion for people my whole life. Through a career in sales, I found my passion in exploring human needs and partnering to find solutions.

I found that while everyone wants to be heard, sometimes they don’t even listen to themselves. This is an essential step in personal growth, as we move forward to self-discovery. I am now a certified life coach taking “the need to be heard” to a new professional level.

Through personal life experience, I’ve come to learn that pain of all sorts surround us and is inevitable. We all have a need to voice our pain, to be heard and to have trusted support as we navigate solutions.

I partner with my clients to redefine their vision and encourage their true self, through deep discovery of one’s life calling and fulfilling their God given purpose.

I want you to live life intentionally, with purpose and with hope. Together, we can work through the pain or transition you are experiencing, to lead to a more fulfilling life. I’m here for you – every step of the way.

– Carol

carol's purpose:

I partner with people going through transition in an effort to encourage their true self and their life’s possibilities.

carol's mission:

Create a partnership pursuing a deep discovery of one’s life calling and the fulfillment of their God given purpose.

carol's vision:

Walk with those striving to live their most intentional life, realizing God’s purpose for them equals endless possibilities.

Definition: “A partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

  • Present-focused: seek to guide clients into a more desirable future
  • Creative process/equal partnership: help clients to discover their own answers
  • Normalize emotion: acknowledge that emotions are natural
  • Support: stand with client and help them identify their challenges
  • Commitment: strategize how to turn personal challenges into victories while holding clients accountable for their desired goals
Swift Steps Forward - Carol Swift