I have had a passion for people my whole life.  I was born an encourager and am always striving to help others be heard.  Pain of all sorts surround us and are inevitable. As I walked through my pains I wanted to be able to voice them, be heard and find resolution. Help with this was scarce. I have learned from reading and observing and living.

I have been in sales my whole life and it has served me well, exploring human needs and helping to find solutions. I am now a certified life coach taking “the need to be heard” to a new professional level. Everyone wants to be heard, but sometimes they don’t even listen to themselves. I am so excited about the personal growth and possibilities for my clients as we partner in their steps forward into self discovery.

I want to work with determined people who want to redefine their vision of their future, so that they can get back to being their true self.

A process that allows clients to be quiet and go inward to get clear about what they want.

Carol’s purpose:

I partner with people going through transition in an effort to encourage their true self and their life’s possibilities.

Carol’s Mission:

Create a partnership pursuing a deep discovery of one’s life calling and the fulfillment of their God given purpose.

Carol’s Vision:

Walk with those striving to live their most intentional life while realizing God’s purpose for them equals endless possibilities.

Here are just a few points about Life Coaching:

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Customer reviews

What people say?

Carol is levelheaded, objective, insightful, compassionate and caring. Whenever I meet with her she helps me work the issues and find a solution, then guides and supports me through a resolution. I highly recommend Carol as she always provides quality service as a professional coach.
Miriam WeckerlyInterior Design, Phoenix, AZ
Our family was stuck in a really difficult cycle of dysfunction a while back. We’d tried different ways to solve our issues that weren’t very effective, then I connected with Carol. Her gentle wisdom and the ability to ask me the hard questions, coupled with her obvious faith in God, got me through to the other side. I feel she was the turning point towards healing for me. I am grateful to have been coached by someone so professional, yet also has one of the kindest hearts imaginable.
Colleen AllersCCM, COR, Kansas City, MO