Hand Anxiety Over

Evangelist and Author Billy Graham said that, “Anxiety is the natural result when our hopes are centered in anything short of God’s will for us.”

This really speaks to me because sometimes anxiety can overcome my thoughts. What am I anxious about? Is it of the unknown and what am I going to do? Or what is going to happen? As I reflect, I realize: usually.

Right there, in those questions, I have taken my eyes off of God, and taken all of those pressures on myself. “I hope I can do this… I hope that this happens,… what if it doesn’t…?” Repeat in my head.

But then God reminds me…That OUR MAKER has great plans for us. He deliberately equipped us before we were even born to go into the world with every single tool we would need to survive, and thrive, and fulfill our purposes!

This humbling revelation reminds me to be curious rather than anxious. We don’t have to have the answers any more than a moment before things happen when we believe in His Love and Will for our lives. Instead, try pondering “what God has planned for a time such as this.”

Join me in keeping my hopes and prayers centered on God’s Will, all 24 hours of my day. This is all He gives us each day, because this is all we can handle. Whew. A little bit of pressure shrugs off. We are not meant to carry the weight of the world and the future all in our hands, and we can’t. So hand it over to the only One who can. Stay centered and watch your confidence bloom as He reveals His magnificent Will for you and floods you with hope!

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