He gave it all up for Us

As this Lenten Season draws to a close, it seems like we were all distracted by the Covid 19. It preoccupied our time and intentions. You didn’t hear people saying what they were giving up for Lent this year. People felt like they were giving up their freedoms for this chaotic virus. We have had a great deal of time on our hands as of these past 40 days. As Christ was walking on His steady journey to the Cross, we have had a steady journey of our own pains on different levels. In the beginning we have kept one eye on Him and one eye on the news. Slowly our heads have turned to the numbers, rules and restrictions and onto our sufferings rather than His.

This is an incredibly difficult time in our human history. Generations before us have experienced true hardship and uncertainty but we could not relate because to us these stories were only “history” . Now we each have our own stories to tell with truth and emotion. My question for our hearts and souls is did we see Jesus on all of this? Jesus has been there generation after generation, upheaval after upheaval. Yes, He has and always will lead us through the storms of life. God did not thrust this pandemic onto the world but He most definitely does bring Good out of this upheaval. The good I see is that we have been focused to slow down, regroup and simplify the decisions for our lives.

Every year we think of things to give up for Lent. Could this be the year we should be like Jesus and give up everything but the Love of Christ. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Perhaps as Easter dawns and we are blessed by the gifts of the resurrection and salvation we will clearly want to give up our unquenchable thirst for temporal things and give God our full Adoration, Gratitude and Love. Praising God for the men and women who have already lead the charge for this ! Let’s Join Them! Hallelujah!

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