Letting Go!

I’ve been reflecting on the strength of letting go. Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care. Rather, it means that you no longer need to have a thing, feeling, or attitude in your space.

You may feel if you let go of your clothes or furniture or stuff, that one day you will need it and wish you had it. But, is this TRUE?

If we let go of bad feelings, of pain and hurt, then does it mean that they did not really matter? Of course not.

Of course those feelings mattered. But there is a STRENGTH in letting go.

I believe that if you LET GO of these, you are instead freeing up your head and heart space for something new, something life-giving. You have the freedom to chose what replaces them.

You don’t need to save these bad feelings in case you need them later. You can’t go back in time to hold them, carry them, or try them on. Although our pasts impact our lives, if you LET GO of those negative instances, you will find freedom.

You can honor your experience as a valuable chapter in your life story, while still making room for new chapters. You have new chapters, new experiences, new outcomes to put your time into. Please slowly open up your hands, and LET GO. This way, you are able to receive into your own hands and heart the great experiences that are awaiting you fresh and anew!

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