Self-Care vs. Selfishness

A rising question these days is often, “what is the difference between Self Care and Selfishness?” The lines tend to blur.

Self Care is building habits to migrate stress and improve confidence. Selfishness is defined as being focused only on yourself, or acting that way, and having regard for oneself above other’s well being.

There are countless of you out there who think that if you spend time taking care of yourself, that this is a selfish act. When in fact, that isn’t selfish, but rather necessary at times.

Life is a balance. You take care of yourself so that you are able to take care of others. It is just like the announcement on the airplanes when you are traveling with a person who needs assistance: “Please put your mask on first, then assist one another.”

In order to help someone of any age, you must be of sound mind and body. If you are exhausted and at your wits end, then you are actually the one who needs assistance.

As you get up in the morning look at that beautiful face of yours in the mirror and say,”what do you need today?” Make a plan. Chances are your day will get off on the right foot and you’ll be there for someone who needs you to dance around them.

Enjoy the rewards of being as good to yourself as you are to others!!

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