Stretch Your Goals

A prayer that has been on my heart lately is: “Father, give me goals that stretch my hope to match Your might.”

What a short prayer this is – with great possibilities!

We often ask God for what we think is big stuff in our minds. But, do we ever stop to wonder what mighty things He can do in us and through us?

I challenge you to be more mindful as you pray, wish, and hope. I challenge you to open your mind to God’s unimaginable power, which is infinitely greater than our mind’s imagination.

We hear people talk about a God moment or ‘Godincidence.’ This is usually referring to inexplicable, uncanny, timely happenings. Friends, this is only a small GLIMPSE into God’s personal touches in our lives. We are so grounded looking at the world through our own human limitations, that we often do not see beyond ourselves to sit in awe at what God is capable of doing in our lives. We often miss those personal touches.

God deserves our time and our worship – all of it. So, let’s try slowing down.

Let God’s might leave you in wonder, and allow His possibilities to come close. He is always within your reach. Praise Him, and allow your hopes to begin to match the mightiness of your Father’s!

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